secbrowsing- chrome plugin version checker

Firefox 3.6 auto detects plug-ins status alerts user if they are out of date.An extension for Chrome Secbrowsing periodically checks for updates of plug-ins and also alerts user with red color icon on Chrome’s address bar aka omnibox about outdated plug-ins.Clicking that icon will takes you to extension homepage with details of updated plug-ins and out dated plug-ins and unknown plug-ins.



Update: This extension is no longer available, removed by Google from the Web Store.

Secbrowsing : Chrome Browser plugin check extension

Secbrowsing shows nothing on address bar if all plug-ins are up-to-date.It only shows icon on address bar when plug-ins are out of date.Clicking on icon will take to extension page where user can know status of plug-ins.User can download updates for out of date plug-ins right from extension page it self.

Chrome plugins status

As all know outdated plug-ins are always threat to the browser which allow an attacker to run malicious code in user’s computer.Though Chrome runs plug-ins in its sandbox it is recommended to check all chrome’s plug-ins are up-to-date or not.

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