There will be a situation you need to verify all links in MS Word document are working, checking manually every URL is a waste of time and very difficult too, that’s where Hyperlink Checker for Microsoft Word comes in handy which checks for links in Word document are valid and also shows broken links if any.

With Hyperlink Checker for Word you can able to know whether a internal hyperlink of Word is valid or broken.This add-in for MS Word also detects and shows suspicious links if any found in the Word Document.

Hyperlink Checker for Microsoft Word

How to Use Hyperlink Checker for Word

#1.Close all Word documents opened and install the add-in , after installing it you can observe Hyperlink Checker for Word icon on the menu bar of Word.

#2.Open any word document which you want to check for broken, suspicious and validation of links , clicking the Hyperlinks Checker icon will Open hyperlink Checker in a Window, clicking Show all will show all the links and clicking suspicious will show suspicious and broken links in a Window.

Document Hyperlink Checker for Microsoft Word features

  • Shows tree view of all links of Word document.
  • User can easily navigate between link and hyperlinks and their destinations.
  • Shows tree view of suspicious links.
  • Supports Microsoft Word 2000, 2002(XP), 2003 and 20007.
  • Supports Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7.

Hyperlink Checker for Microsoft Word is freeware.

Download Hyperlink Checker for Microsoft Word 1.3

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