Avira Antivir offers free edition for users which offers basic protection when compared to their premium versions, users PCs having internet will be protected by updating their Avira Antivir anti-virus however users having no internet connection will suffer to get protected from latest threats,but offline users can protect their computer by updating Avira Antivir virus definitions manually offline.

To update Avira Antivir offline users have to download latest Avira Antivir virus definitions into a USB drive connected to system having internet connection.

Update 24/08/2014:  Must read: How to update Avira offline manually with Fusebundle Generator

1.Download Avira Antivir definitions(VDF multiple VDF) archive.If you are using Avira Antivir starting from 9 you should download virus definition files (VDF).For older versions you can use iVDF( Container VDF)

2.Now bring downloaded definitions file into offline Computer , Start Avira Antivir and from the user interface select Update and click Manual Update.

avira manual update

3.Select download VDF file , click open you will observe “ The virus definition has been successfully updated” message and that’s it Avira is up to date and you are protected.

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