As all know we can able to pin mostly used applications to Windows 7’s taskbar and hence open them quickly,it will be more useful if we can able to pin a folder to taskbar which we open frequently which contains subfolders also.Is it possible to pin a folder to windows 7’s taskbar? yes it is possible.

To Pin a folder to Win7‘s Taskbar

#1.Right click on the empty space on the desktop and browse for New and create empty text document.Now rename the New Text document to folder name which we want to pin along with extension exe.

#2.Now copy the path of folder.

#3.Now open the dummy text exe file we created earlier and right click on it click Pin this program to the Taskbar.Now close the note pad.

#4.Right click on the Notepad on the taskbar, click Notepad right click again on it and select Properties and in Target paste the path of folder which we copied earlier and Click Ok to save changes.

That’s it from now we can able to open mostly used folder from Win7 taskbar by clicking notepad icon.

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