We Unknowingly copy duplicate pictures along with original ones some times, these duplicate pictures may occupy large space though these days hard drives with larger capacities being used to store photos and videos.People avoids to find and delete these duplicate photos fear of they may delete original ones, where VisiPics free program finds and deletes duplicate pictures from your computer very easily.


VisiPics with simple user interface looks for identical files , if user selects folder then it applies five comparison filters to measure how close pairs of images on the hard drive are.

Download and install VisiPics in your Computer, run the program add folder of pictures you want to find duplicates by clicking Add folder from File menu.Click Play button in VisiPics user interface to let it scan for photos,Visipics will show duplicate pictures found on the left pane with mentioning number of duplicate pictures and duplicate groups on the right pane.

You can press Ctrl and click duplicates shown on the left pane which are marked for deletion with Recycle Bin icon, from Actions menu clicking Delete button will remove all duplicate photos.Clicking the picture on the left pane will show the preview of it on the right pane.

VisiPics features

  • VisiPics is freeware and works faster than any other commercial product.
  • Highly efficient results with adjustable similarity levels.
  • Show the previews of all duplicates which makes it easy for the user to select and delete particular duplicate.
  • Starts to display results while scanning as user don’t have to wait for deletion of pictures.
  • Detects two different resolution of same picture as duplicate, detects same picture of different formats and also finds duplicates with  minor cosmetic changes have taken place.

Download VisiPics

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