suggestions in addressbar

When you type a word or two in the address bar in Google Chrome, it will suggest websites similar to what you type, this also includes matches from your browsing history. Google’s suggestions service is turned on by default in Chrome, the suggestions that appear on address bar are same as suggestions appear when you type queries in Google.

For example, typing gm will show address.

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How Chrome able to show suggestions in the address bar

If you are using Google as default search engine for Chrome, it uses Google’s suggestion service to fetch suggested sites and searches which are displayed in the address bar similar to what you type.

If you don’t like this suggestion feature, you can turn it off easily and enable it later whenever you want.

Disabling Suggestions feature in Chrome

To turn off suggestions feature in Chrome

  • Click the  menu > Settings> Show Advanced Settings, under Privacy, uncheck “ use a prediction service to help complete the searches and URLs typed in the address bar or the app launcher search box’

disable prediction service in Chrome

  • Close the Settings page.

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