Google Toolbar offers lot of features includes My Location feature for Internet Explorer which allows Google to determine your location by sending local network information to Google location services. Toolbar with My Location will send info about nearby Wi-Fi access points which help Google to find your location.

Purpose of My Location

Google will show relevant and closest places near to your computer when you search in Google for items like Pizzas.With enabled My Location in Google Toolbar entering will be taken by your browser automatically with your current location centered in Google Maps.

sharing your location

My Location is off by default.But if you enable this feature which prompts you to share your location with specific websites which you may find annoying.My Location feature won’t work on computer that doesn’t have Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi turned off.

My Location icon will appear on toolbar once it is enabled,and it keeps updating your location in the background.Toolbar will also save your last location in browser’s memory.

To disable My Location of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer if you find irritating and concerned about your privacy

1.Click toolbar’s Wrench button and click options.

2.On the Tools tab uncheck or deselect My Location.

disable my location in toolbar

3.Click save to save changes.

Note :My location is presently available for Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer only ,not available for Firefox.

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