When Windows 7 system unable to boot, you can use Win7 installation disk to repair Windows 7, but Windows 7 does offer easy way to create system repair disk in Win 7 which can be useful when a serious error occurs you won’t even need Win 7 installation disk with this repair disk.

This System repair disk will offer the recovery options offered by  Win 7 installation disk, so this will be handy if you have no Win 7 installation CD\DVD near by.

Creating System Repair disk in Windows 7

1.Click Start button and then in the “search programs and files”  box type system repair disk and click create a system repair disk and enter administrator password if prompted.

system repair disk

2.Enter empty CD\DVD into DVD writer , CD will be enough since it takes only 142 MB space.

system repair disk for win7

3.Follow the instructions on the screen.

win7 repair disk

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