Today Google launched new Google labs application for twitter called Google Follow Finder which shows twitter users you might be interested in following.You can follow them by clicking on follow on twitter which prompts you to log into twitter with username and password, Google Follow Finder will connect to twitter account through oauth.

How Google Follow Finder works

Google Follow Finder will find lists of people you follow on twitter , Follow Finder will find other users with similar lists and then identifies accounts you might also want to follow.If people with similar lists tend to follow accounts that are not in your list Follow Finder will recommend those accounts to you.

Google Follow finder for twitter

#1.I just want to try Google Follow Finder to see where I can find any useful tweeps to follow by entering my twitter user name ,which showed some twitter users when I clicked on one user to follow on twitter, I need to log into twitter with username or email and password for Follow Finder to connect my Twitter account.

connect friend finder to twitter

#2.After entering username and password, twitter can’t authorizes Google Follow Finder by showing by following error.

Sorry something went wrong

The provided callback url is not authorized for the client registered to”

failed to authoriuze friend finder

#3.Clicking the signout will not help either to logout of twitter account.Annoying..

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