FreeFixer is general purpose removal tool made for for PC users which lets them removed potentially unwanted software such as adware, viruses, Trojans, worms and Spyware.FreeFixer scans for locations where unwanted software resides in your PC.

FreeFixer will scan locations

  • Programs that run on your Computer.
  • Programs that starts when you reboot your Computer.
  • Your browser’s plug-ins
  • Your home page settings of IE, etc.

freefixer scan result

After scanning FreeFixer shows scan result with unwanted software which you can select and clicking Fix button will removes those files.To know more about files shown in result clicking more info will connect FreeFixer’s website and shows more info about that file.

FreeFixer don’t know what is unwanted so it’s up to you select entries and fixing them.Deleting legitimate file might makes your system unstable.

FreeFixer is freeware and supports all Operating Systems except 64-bit of Windows 7.Download FreeFixer 0.56 from here.

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