Recently covered about Zeuapp which downloads and installs list of applications which can be done by multiple apps installers like Smart Installer pack and Ninite & Allmyapps, here is FreeApps yet another multiple apps installer downloads list of free apps and installs them silently.


With FreeApps you can able to choose free apps from various categories listed in .

FreeApps webpage shows recommended list for PC user which contains various apps much needed for any user.User can click Get Installer and FreeApps will be installed into user’s computer and prompts user to select installation path for apps.Freeapp downloads them directly from app vendor’s or trusted sourced and installs them silently.

freeapp -free apps installer

User can choose desired apps and get FreeApps installer by clicking Get Installer , FreeApps installer will do the rest.These apps saves lot of time by downloading and installing much needed apps with a single click where no user interaction is required.

FreeApps is still in Beta.Visit FreeApps webpage and have a try.

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