Google Buzz Count button

Recently Google released buttons for Google Buzz which allows readers to share articles on Buzz with their friends and followers, these buttons will show count of number of people shared on buzz for articles, wanting to know total Google Buzz Count for your website or blog, that is total number of people shared your website articles, you can know it easily.

The good news is that SEO tool Website Grader now added showing Google Buzz Count for websites to the report.Don’t know much about Website Grader, it is a SEO tool which analyzes your website and generates report based on Google Page Rank,website traffic,search engine data, your website performance,inbound links,Blog grade, and other factors.

To know your Website’s Google Buzz Count Visit Website Grader website and enter your Website URL check Google Buzz Count along with other SEO information.If zero count is shown for your website still not yet shared on Google Buzz.

Google Buzz Count

In the above screenshot you can observe Google Buzz Count for TechCrunch, Similarly you can find for your one also.

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