Are you using Snagit to capture screenshots and explaining them with arrows and text and sharing with your friends, Explain and Send Screenshots extension for Chrome does almost what Snagit does for you.

Explain and Send Screenshots extension allows to capture any part of webpage and you will be presented with a toolbar  with which you can explain Screenshot with arrows, circles,arrows and annotate the screenshot with text on the image.You can share this image with your friends on twitter and Facebook.

Explain and Send Screenshots

How to Use Explain and Send  Screenshots Extension

Install Explain and Send Screenshots for Chrome, extension’s icon will be shown beside address bar aka omnibox.To capture any webpage click that icon, select portion of frame you want to capture and later you will be presented with toolbar with options to draw lines, arrows,circles and also to annotate text on the image.

Once you finished editing the image clicking done will be presented  to share screenshot by

  • Pasting the link shown into your email.
  • downloading the image to your Computer by clicking link image and choosing “save as”.
  • Allows to share image on twitter and Facebook by clicking on icons shown.

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