Microsoft has released a white paper that helps users to optimize performance of Internet Explorer 8,  this whitepaper is now available as download from Microsoft Website.This whitepaper will cover some basics like managing add-ons and disabling some add-ons and configuring IE8 settings to increase IE8 performance.

IE8 performance boost whitepaper

This whitepaper will be useful from beginners to advanced users with some tips and tricks to enhance the performance of IE8.This whitepaper will aware users about installing add-ons and managing them.Installing add-ons and unknown plugins for IE8 will put you into trouble.So this is a move from Microsoft to aware about how to use IE8  securely and get maximum out of it.

Since IE9 will not be available for XP users so users need to stick to IE8 which will in future will be as IE6 for sure.

Download IE8 performance Boost Whitepaper from Microsoft from here.

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