Many users use Windows inbuilt Msconfig utility to configure to allow or disable applications to run at startup, confused how to disable or allow apps despite too many programs running at startup? Clean Startup will help Vista and Windows 7 users to manage Startup programs where they can simply disable unneeded auto starting programs.

Clean Startup UI

Too many programs running at startup may slow down your Computer Performance, and you will be annoyed with notification area cluttered with too many icons.

Clean Startup shows list of programs that automatically loads when Windows starts,you can able to double click the item and see information about the program.You can also Google for that program to find enough information about it.Later you can decide to run that program on Windows Startup by clicking Allow or disallow it by clicking Don’t Allow.

Clean Startup

You can able to restore the deleted item from startup list by clicking Restore in Clean Startup wizard.Clean Startup will keep monitoring for new Startup items and informs user it there are any new ones added to the list.

Clean Startup is freeware.

Download Clean Startup

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