Some time back covered about WhoCrashed which shows the report of drivers responsible for system crash, Blue Screen errors does occur due to malfunctioned drivers or faulty RAM modules.Whenever there is a system crash that will be logged in dump files in Windows, BlueScreenView scans all minidump files created during blue screen of death crashes and displays information all crashes occurred in one table.


BlueScreenView features:

  • Shows all information about blue screen crashes occurred in one table.
  • For each crash it shows minidump file name, crash time and date, basic crash information, details of driver or module that is responsible for crash.
  • While for each crash shown in upper pane drivers loaded during crash will be shown in the lower pane.
  • BlueScreenView marks the drivers that found in the crash stack which helps you to locate the drivers responsible for crash.
  • BlueScreenView is freeware and portable, no installation is required.
  • BlueScreenView works with Windows XP/Server 2003/Server 2008/Vista/7 as long as crash dump is enabled in your System.

Download BlueScreenView 1.25

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