Do you save all applications shortcuts and also save files to the same desktop, isn’t it your desktop looking cluttered with this stuff? say goodbye to old desktop, all you need Zum which allows to open applications from the desktop very quickly.You can add files and programs in various categories in Zum.


Download Zum and install it in your Computer.Zum will appear right in center of desktop.Right click on it select Zum Center followed by Zum Application Center.In Zum application center left pane contains categories and right pane contains records of the programs manually user can add.

Choose a category and click add a program in application center and choose application which will be auto detected by Zum from installed applications.User need to show the exact path of the application.In this way user can categorize all the programs installed in his computer and can access by right clicking on Zum at center of the desktop and able to open all applications very quickly.

Zum -application Center

Zum is still in beta and freeware.Zum requires .Net framework 2.0 or higher to be installed in your Computer.UAC in Vista and Windows 7 may block Zum’s file and directory create operations.User need to disable UAC for this.

Download Zum

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