AVG reported in one of their blogs that recent program update from AVG 9.0.733 to 787 caused some problems to the  users.At the moment AVG team still working on the fix , which will be released in program update this week.

Windows logins failures with AVG 9.0.787

After program update, with current AVG 9.0.787 some users can’t able to login to Windows.User’s computer will be freezes during logon procedure. Temporary solution to this will be disabling of IDP(AVGIDSAgent service) in safe mode.Reinstallation of AVG may fix the problem which yet not confirmed by AVG.

Resident Shield showing “invalid file structure warning”

When entering certain WebPages the following online shield warning appears and AVG thus crashes.

“The file could not be scanned properly due to invalid file structure (address xxxxxxxxxxxx)”.

AVG confirms the fix will be released in a program which will be available this week.

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