Recently covered about bringing Vista style taskbar to Windows 7 by choosing small icons in Win 7 Taskbar Properties, here free portable application W7 Taskbar Tweaker that lets you adjusts size of Win7 Taskbar buttons and thumbnail previews.

w7 Taskbar Tweaker

W7 Taskbar Tweaker developed aimed at reducing buttons or icon sizes on Taskbar,since icons on Taskbar does occupy some space in Windows 7.

By default for Windows 7 the Taskbar buttons set as always combine, hide labels , but this tweak won’t work if icons are set to always combine.This app will work better if  in W7 Taskbar Tweaker , Taskbar button size is set to never combine and use small icons.

The default taskbar button size is 40 for small icon and 56 for large icon.If you choose to use small icons,then set a value between 30-180 , if you use larger icons set a value between 42-180.Similarly you can also change the size of Taskbar thumbnail previews , you can choose value between 96-512, where the default size is 200.Once you make changes click Apply Changes and restart your PC to view changes.

You can revert back to default settings at any time by clicking apply defaults buttons shown in W7 Taskbar Tweaker UI.

W7 Tweaker is freeware and portable , no installation is required.

Download W7 Taskbar Tweaker 1.1

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