If you are not checking Google Wave that much by logging into your wave account, you can still get email notifications to your inbox about new and updated waves.Google testing this email notification feature for wave updates, if you want wave updates to your inbox you can turn on email notifications from inbox in Google Wave account.

Tuning on Email notifications about waves updates

1.Sign into Google Wave account and click the drop down menu beside inbox and select Notifications.


2.From notifications menu, select frequency of your email updates.You can choose immediately ,hourly or Daily. You can also turn off these notifications later if you want by choosing Never in notification menu.

wave notifications for inbox

Google will send notification when you are added to a new wave or changed wave that you are being participant of.This notification will be with short summary of text and links to your updated waves.Google won’t send updates for waves until you logged into your wave account and check those waves.

These email notifications about wave updates appear like as below.

wave email notifications

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