automatic translation infobar

Chrome 4 got content settings and automatic translation features, of which automatic translation feature auto detects the language of page user was in and if that language differs from user predefined language it asks the user to translate the page using Google Translate.However this infobar shown by Chrome have annoyed some users and wants option to turn off or disable automatic translation offered in Chrome.

automatic translation

Guys Google heard you and rolled the Chrome 5 Beta for Windows with option under the hood to disable or enable automatic page translation, this option already available in Developer version of Chrome 5. So this option will be included in upcoming stable version of Chrome 5.However this option not available in  Chrome 4 Stable, so  users need to wait till the release of Chrome 5 stable.

You can download Google Chrome 5 Beta from here.

To turn off or disable automatic translation in Chrome beta 5

Click wrench menu , hit Under the Hood tab under Translate uncheck “offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language I read”.And close.

turn off automatic translation

That’s it from now no annoying translation infobar appears whenever you visit page other than your predefined language.

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