Pop-ups or pop-up Windows always distract and annoys users whenever user visits certain WebPages in their browsers.These Pop-ups do appear automatically without user consent.By default the pop-up blocker is turned on by default for any browser, but pop-up blockers offered by browsers may not prevent pop-ups successfully all time, so its time to test the pop-up blocker offered by your browser is actually blocking pop-ups or not with Popuptest.

PopupTest 1

Pop-ups do appear at the bottom of the browser and some appear at the top of browser’s window, besides from  pop-up blockers offered by browsers there are  also free and commercial Pop-up blockers available on the internet.Its worth to check also does these programs doing well with popuptest.

pop-up windows

PopupTest offers various tests for your pop-up blocker by opening various pop-up windows all over the screen , if no pop-up windows shown in your browsers that means Pop-up blocker of your browser working well.

So go and check pop-up blockers offered by browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE and opera are working are not and any third party pop-up killers installed in your computer actually working or not.

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