Google always tries to enhance features for their services, this time Google brings more personalization in their search  for users, a new feature called  Stars which allows to users star their favorite web content found in Google Search results.This is something similar to bookmarking a page for future reading and using Browser to read when ever users wants.

With the Stars user can simply click the star marker on any search result or map, when next time user performs a search that starred item will appear in special list right at top of  users results when relevant.

Starrted results in Google Search

If user starred a favorite website in search results, those starred items will appear in Google search when user performs search for that website.Stars sync with Google Bookmarks and Google Toolbar.If user clicks star button for creating bookmark in Google Toolbar that will be shown in new stars feature.

Stars in Google Search feature will be rolled out in couple of days and will be available to all signed–in users.

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