I was really very much impressed with Piriform free products like CCleaner and Speccy, here is yet another free useful tool from Piriform, Recuva. Unintentionally deleted a file or lost a file, don’t worry! you can easily recover it using Recuva.

Recuva recovers files from your Windows Computer,Recycle Bin, memory card or MP3 Player.

Run Recuva after installing it in your computer, it will show the Recuva Wizard intended for novice users or beginners.You need to choose file type you want to recover from various file types like Pictures, Music,Documents,Video, Compressed files,Emails and other files.

 Recuva Wizard

After choosing file type user can able to search every where on computer, or limited to deleted files from Memory Card or IPod or from My Documents or Recycle Bin.User can also choose deep scan which may take more time to scan for  deleted files.

recovered files

After scanning, Recuva shows the files found with various state of files like unrecoverable, very poor, excellent.Excellent means file is not damaged, you can recover it and save to specified location in hard drive.since Recuva is freeware, can not guarantee recovery of files you lost but it almost does it for you.

Recuva Features

  • Recuva can recover files from formatted hard drive.
  • Recovers email messages from Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail.
  • Recovers deleted music files from IPod.
  • Recovers word documents that user not saved after accidental crash.

Download Recuva 1.36

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