There will be more users using multi boot Operating Systems for their specific interests and needs like Windows 7 , XP and Ubuntu for example, rebooting to desired OS does take time where iReboot will help you to reboot into any OS selected by user shown from the Taskbar .


To reboot into another OS User’s computer has to go through following 2 steps

1.User has to  click restart button and then waiting for Windows to shutdown.

2.Then wait for BIOS to POST and then user has to select desired operating system.

Where as iReboot will reboots you directly into desired OS upon selection.iReboot automatically detects the Operating Systems installed in user’s computer and shows their entries from the taskbar.User can right click on iReboot icon from notification area and select desired OS to reboot into.User must have to enable Reboot on Selection first.

IReboot is freeware.

Download iReboot

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