Everybody shows their frustration and anger by posting tweets in Twitter when a problem occurs,it could be personal or technical.Similar applies to Firefox users as well ,when some problems arise with Firefox users they tweet them in twitter rather than visiting Mozilla support page.

Mozilla stated in their support blog SUMO that it should be wrong that user should visit SUMO (stands for support.mozilla.com) rather than tweeting about it in twitter.Mozilla starting an experiment to reach Firefox users  on twitter having problems and help them in an environment where they might not expect it.

Here are 3 objectives set for this experiment

  • Reach out for users who need help,using little snippets that could solve their problems.Long-term we want reach close to 100% of all users.
  • Get the understanding of the current perception of Firefox and the biggest problems users experience and act upon that information.
  • Prevent issues becoming viral by intercepting and channeling to SUMO if help is not possible through twitter.

Read more details about this on Mozilla Wiki page.

Firefox users on Twitter! are you hearing?.

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