Having covered about AVG Rescue CD which can be a great helping tool for PC users having infected machines, AVG Rescue CD scans for viruses and removes them when Windows unable to boot from your computer, but for AVG portable version in CD to detect the latest threats, it must be updated by connecting to the internet in Linux environment, which may not feasible on offline computers.

Updating definitions in AVG Rescue CD offline

It indeed helps offline users to fix infected machines with updated AVG which successfully removes the latest threats. In fact, AVG Rescue CD offers to update Offline from the directory, to do this follow the steps below.

1. Download AVG  Update files from another computer having the internet connection.

2. Copy them to Flash drive or C: drive by creating a folder called AVG updates.

Manually downloading Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware definitions to Update Malwarebytes Offline

3. Boot from AVG Rescue CD and select ‘Update’ which shows the following options

  • Online: Update  from the internet
  • Offline: Update from the directory.
  • Download :Download update files from the internet.

4. Now select offline option -second one-  and navigate through the partition and choose AVG updates folder, run the update. After the update, use “Return“ to come to scan, and scan your computer.

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