Google released Google Chrome 4.1 Beta with Automatic language translation to WebPages with their Google Translate and added more new privacy features for users in spite of Chrome already offering Incognito mode.To try these features users need to download and install latest Google Chrome Beta.

Automatic Language Translation in Chrome

With this Beta, Chrome automatically identifies the webpage and asks you translate the page using Google Translate if that page  language is different from Use’s preferred language setting.Advantage with this feature is from now there is no need of Google Translate Extension to be installed for Chrome.


Chrome already offers incognito mode which don’t save browser history during that session how ever all downloads made and bookmarked items will be kept.Privacy tab is added to options which lets you control whether websites can store cookies , load cookies , use plug-ins run JavaScript or show pop-ups.


User can find this setting under options>under the hood>Privacy.So more control for users regarding privacy in Chrome.

User can try latest Chrome Beta version from here.

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