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We bookmark any Website to revisit again it in future, users will bookmark lot of WebPages to their browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.It’s not hard to export bookmarks or favorites stored in IE to Firefox, some browsers do ask to import bookmarks from major browsers like IE, Firefox while they installing in your computer.Transmute, Bookmark Converter will export bookmarks between Major browsers very easily.

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Generally user has to backup bookmarks of browser manually in a html file and then export them to another browser.Where Transmute automates this process by auto detecting path of bookmarks for all major browsers and then with a single click Transmute exports bookmarks between the browsers.

Transmute supports  Internet Explorer, Firefox ,Chrome, Opera ,Flock ,Safari, Sea Monkey, K-Meleon, Avant Browser,Chromium.Select the Browser bookmarks you want to export to another browser in Source and select new browser in Target, you want to export bookmarks to, click Start to let Transmute export the bookmarks. Transmute automatically backup bookmarks and overwrites bookmarks collection between the browsers.

Download Transmute Standard installable

Download  Transmute Standard portable

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