Yet another good news for AVG users including AVG-free users, AVG released AVG Rescue CD which can scans for infected computers and fixes them when Computer fails to load or boot properly.Now all users can download AVG Rescue CD which is free of charge.

AVG Rescue CD will have AVG preinstalled in it with Linux operating system.This can be used as live CD.AVG Rescue CD contains multiple utilities very useful to rescue and repair infected machines.

AVG Rescue CD features:

  • Comprehensive administrative toolkit.
  • System recovery from virus and spyware infections.
  • Suitable for recovering Windows and Linux Operating Systems (FAT32 and NTFS file systems.
  • Can performs clean boot from CD or USB Stick.

Users need to download the ISO image and burn it to the CD. Or download the archive and extract the files onto  USB drive to use USB drive as bootable.

Download AVG Rescue CD (for CD)

Download AVG Rescue  CD  (for USB drive)

After booting booting with AVG rescue CD it can mount all hard drives automatically and scans for viruses and infections.This CD will also restores a safer network connection to computer.Advanced users can use the tools included like Windows Registry Editor,Ping test for basic network diagnostics, Test Disk for data recovery operations, midnight commander for folders navigation.

Read AVG Rescue CD guide to how to use it .

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