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Without add-ons we can’t imagine Firefox, add-ons will personalize and bring more customization to the Firefox browser.The success of Firefox so far now mostly of add-ons, hope no one will argue about it.Firefox today created new website Rock your Firefox to feature some new add-ons.

Rock Your Firefox

This is step from Firefox to aware users more about its add-ons.Rock Your Firefox features reviews, feedback, and insights from user using Firefox add-ons.

This is what Firefox has to say

“Add-ons are awesome, but many people don’t know how to take full advantage of them.We want to change that because using Firefox without exploring add-ons is like visiting Rome but never leaving your five-star hotel.The service may be impeccable , but you’ll miss out big time if you don’t get out and see the sights.”

Visit RockyourFirefox to explore some Firefox add-ons.

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