The best feature in Windows 7 is offered by Taskbar with thumbnail preview of the programs when you hover mouse on icon on the taskbar.No one wants to move to older features of technology, but if you are user upgraded from Vista if you want vista style taskbar in Windows 7 till you get used to windows 7, you can customize Windows 7 taskbar and get vista style taskbar easily.

vista taskbar in Win7

To get Vista Style Taskbar for Windows 7

1.Right click on the Taskbar, click Properties, under Taskbar Tab select “Use small icons” and opposite Taskbar buttons choose “Combine when taskbar is full” .

windows 7 Taskbar Properties

2.Click Apply and OK to save changes.Now you can observe Vista type taskbar in Windows 7.

To get Windows 7 Taskbar default settings  back again, uncheck “Use small icons” and select “Always combine, hide labels”, click and Apply to save changes in Taskbar and Start Menu properties.

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