One of the inconvenient feature in Windows 7 is the Start Menu which items are not organized , not easy to access and open programs or Commands as well.Where as classic Start Menu in older version of Windows is very easy to use.Looking for  free Classic Start Menu in Windows 7 which Windows 7 doesn’t support don’t worry! Classic Shell brings it to Windows 7.

Classic Shell-Classic Start Menu in Win7

Classic Start Menu features:

  • You can easily drag and drop applications to let you organize them.
  • Options to show favorites, expand control panel etc.
  • Shows recently opened documents, user can customize the number of recent documents that can be displayed.
  • Translated in 35 languages, including right to left support for Arabic and Hebrew.
  • You can always access the original Win 7 menu whenever you want with Shit +Click on start button.
  • User can able to perform asks like delete, rename, sort and others by right clicking on an item.
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems.
  • Supports Microsoft’s Active Accessibility.

Classic Shell also adds toolbar for Windows Explorer in Vista and  Windows 7 similar to in Windows XP.Which user can uncheck during installation if he wants.

Classic Shell is freeware.

Download Classic Shell

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