A Browser Profile contains Bookmarks, passwords, User preferences.Whatever changes made to browser will  be saved in User’s profile.Firefox user’s profile is stored in separate location from Firefox program Files. Though user can backup Firefox profile manually, MozBackup will not only backup Firefox profile but it can restores it also well very useful for all Firefox users.

It will be always necessary to backup Firefox Profile

  • When users wants to try Beta or Developer versions of Firefox.
  • Will be useful to restore this profile on another computer also, user don’t need to install extensions, import bookmarks and all these things from scratch, saves lot of time.

MozBackup not only backup Firefox profile only, it also backups profiles of Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Suite,Mozilla Sunbird,Flock, SeaMonkey,Spicebird, Songbird and Netscape as well.

Download MozBackup,install and run the program.Before running it, close all applications specially Firefox.In the MozBackup Wizard select Backup Profile, it automatically detects the default profile.Change the saved location of backup profile if you want.MozBackup also prompts to set password to protect backup file.Finally Firefox profile with user selected details will be saved as pcv file. 

Backup Firefox Profile

Restoring the Profile using MozBackup is also easy.Run MozBackup and select Restore profile.Show the backup file location by clicking browse and follow the instructions on the screen.Your Firefox profile with all chosen settings will be restored.

Restore Firefox Profile

MozBackup is freeware.Works with all Windows Operating Systems including Windows 7.MozBackup supports all Firefox versions including current Firefox 3.6 also.

Download MozBackup 1.4.10

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