Its always interesting to see Microsoft naming their Windows Versions as latest Operating System being named as Windows 7.But when any user checks the version of Windows 7 it shows it as 6.1 then why they are calling it as Windows 7.

Win 7 version 6.1

Though Microsoft answers this simply why Windows “7”?

Here are the releases of Windows so far and their names

Windows 1.0(First release)

Windows 2.0

Windows 3.0

Windows 3.1-Windows NT

Windows 4.0- Windows 95

Windows 4.0.1998-Windows 98

Windows 4.0.2222-Windows 98 SE

Windows 4.90.3000-Windows Millennium(All 9x versions are counted as 4.0)

Windows 5.0-Windows 2000

Windows 5.1-Windows XP

Windows 6.0-Windows Vista

Windows 6.1-Windows 7.

Since 5.1 used for Windows XP to used version compatibility issues for developers Microsoft coded Windows 7 as 6.1

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