Popular open source VLC media player has added support for extensions.Upcoming VLC 1.1 version will support extensions.It’s quite strange thinking of extensions for media players as we are familiar to using extensions for browsers like Firefox,Chrome. VLC wants to follow Open source Firefox after its success with extensions.

With extensions for VLC

  • Users able to get the subtitles of movie with one click.
  • Read the current lyrics of track.
  • Users can know about artist’s biography and discography right inside VLC player.

Extensions in VLC are scripts that run inside VLC, that will popup windows and fetch information on the web for the user.

The possible VLC extensions can be as below.

Wikipedia: Get information about the artist, the album or movie from the Wikipedia.

IMDB:Read plot summary, learn about the cast of the movie and get a direct link to Internet Movie database.

Last.fm:Read useful information fetched from artist’s page on Last.fm.

Lyrics:Automatically get the lyrics of the current song.

Subtitles:Find and insert titles on top of video in two clicks.

Concerts:Learn about the next concerns of the artists.

info fetched by VLC extension from IMDB

So get ready for use of extensions in VLC player from upcoming VLC 1.1.

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