Lock your files

Users depend on applications like Folder Lock to lock their confidential files with a password for privacy and protection.These software’s uses different encryption algorithms to lock your data.Protect Me! 2010 enables users to store confidential files in standalone exe container with password.Protect Me! 2010 uses SHA1 for password validation and AES for encryption.

Protect Me 2010

Protect Me! 2010 creates securable exe container in which you can drag and drop folders, and allows to protect you with password.Since this program create standalone Exe file you can carry them in your USB Drive.To unlock or access your files you need to enter password supplied earlier.

Protect Me! 2010

Protect Me! 2010 features

1.You can easily password protect any file.

2.All your files will be stored in exe files with SHA1 for password validation and AES for encryption.

3.You can carry the password protected exe container with you in USB drive.

4.Protect Me! 2010 is freeware.No installation is required.This application requires .net framework 3.0 or higher to be installed in your Computer.

5.Supports Windows XP\Vista\7.

Download Protect Me! 2010

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