Google always feel they left behind in social features in their services or products with popular Twitter, Facebook allows to posts updates and conversations with the people you follow.Though Google’s Friendconnect,Google Wave not got that much attention from users as twitter and Facebook get, what Google did? they brought conversations and allowing users to share updates right from Gmail with brand new product called Google Buzz.

Google Buzz in Gmail

What is Google Buzz?

Google Buzz is new way to start conversations about the things you find interesting and share updates, photos,videos and more.It’s built right into Gmail.Though Google Buzz is not available to all Gmail users, it will be rolled out to Gmail users soon.

  • With Google Buzz you are setup to follow people automatically you email and chat with the most.
  • You can able to see all the public buzz posted by people you follow.
  • Your Google Reader shared items, Picasa public web albums, Google chat status messages will be automatically are posts in Buzz.
  • Users can connect their Flickr, Twitter, Google Reader and Picasa accounts into Google Buzz.
  • Users can able to flip through images and watch video in full screen without opening new window.
  • User can share publicly with world or privately with small group of friends.
  • Buzz messages are live conversations and comments appear in real time.
  • You can able to people you are interested and Buzz also recommends posts people you are not following as well.


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