Want to share important screenshots of your desktop or other applications with your friends then you should use ShareCapture which allows to share your captures with single click instantly in real time very useful for twitter users and other internet users.


Generally to share a screenshot in real time with your friends, you would use image editor to grab screen and then upload to image hosting sites with Imageshack, Photobucket and others.

What ShareCapture does is, it allows you to take screenshot with default Print Screen button and also presents a link to share with your friends in real time in applications like twitter and Facebook.Briefly User need to mark the area he wish to share and pressing Print Screen button will generate link to screenshot with in a  second which user can share in real time.ShareCapture is freeware.



Here are some keyboard shortcuts for ShareCapture

  • Print Screen – Start capture on primary monitor and upload image on finish
  • Print Screen + 1,2,3… – Start capture on different monitor and upload image on finish
  • Ctrl + Print Screen – Start capture and only save to disk (no upload)
  • Capture: Left click – Selects area and on release saves/uploads
  • Capture: Right click – Cancel selection
  • Capture: Ctrl + A – Select entire screen
  • Capture: Esc – Cancel selection and exit capture

Download ShareCapture

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