There will be case where email services going down like Gmail, then you can use AnonyMail It! to send anonymous emails to your friends.It is not the case where one user will have only one email service account ,there will be accounts for user for each service like Gmail, Yahoo,Rediff and Hotmail .Hope AnonyMail It! can’t be used for spamming and other illegal purposes.

AnonyMail It!

AnonyMail It! is very easy to use even for novice users with simple interface.Download AnonyMail It! Zip file and extract it and run the application. User need to enter sender’s email address(him self), Receivers email address followed by subject and message .User need to enter verification code after clicking Send Mail to confirm user is human and to avoid spam bots.

If everything goes fine recipient will receive the email you sent,it will indicate that it came from sender you defined earlier.AnonyMail It! is freeware.But this application has not worked for me in Windows 7.You can try this.

Download AnonyMail It!

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