We can clear the Internet Explorer’s Browser Cache with third party tools like CCleaner or options provided in IE to delete temporary internet files and other stuff. Apart from clearing cache, still some information about sites you visit and cookies of those sites will be hidden in index.dat file which Windows not allows to remove manually.Your Browser’s Secrets is a freeware utility shows the files stored by Internet Explorer and allows to delete some of these annoying files like index.dat.

I covered an article on what is index.dat stores and how to delete that file.Read that article below

2 Ways to Delete Index.dat File

Your Browser's secrets

Your Browser’s  Secret shows the files stored by IE in 6 tabs.

1.Browser’s URL history.



4.Cookies .

5.Recent list.

6.Delete all.

First 5 tabs shows IE stored files and allows to delete them from those tabs.User can have the option to delete some of IE’s Cache, history and Cookies on Reboot.6th tab Delete all allows users to delete all stuff mentioned in 5 tabs.

Though the application name is Your Browser’s Secrets, once you extracted the program it appears with ManageBrowser name.You can find the ManageBrowser application at Manage Browser\Bin\Release .

Download ManageBrowser aka your Browser’s Secrets

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