Google Chrome_crashed

These days every user not depend on solely on single browser for surfing, using different browsers for his own interests.Browsers do gets crashed or freezes due to unresponsive plug-ins like Flash Player or due to other reasons.Restart Browser(s)  utility will restart frozen or crashed browsers.

Restart Browser(s)

All users may be familiar with these browser crashes and gets used to them.Restart Browser(s) utility is a simple batch file programmed to restart crashed browsers by typing initial letter of Browsers like i or I for IE, f or F for Firefox like that.

This program restarts following browsers

1.Internet Explorer.


3.Google Chrome.




Download Restart Browser(s) batch file, run it only when any of the above mentioned browsers if you are using gets crashed by entering the initial letter of Browsers.To run this program user need to have administrative privileges.

Download Restart Browser(s)

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