Private Browsing in Firefox does not save any browser history, temporary internet files and cookies, however bookmarks made and downloaded files will kept during the session.CacheFire,history manager for Firefox allows to remove pages selected by you from Firefox history and keeps everything else.


If you enter Google, Gmail in CacheFire, it will prevent all pages containing the strings mentioned from storing in the web history of Firefox.Firefox must be closed to install CacheFire.

Run CacheFire and add the desired strings or website addresses to CacheFire by clicking Add.Now after adding these strings you can check web history for Firefox by clicking ctrl+H by switching to opened Firefox where the above mentioned strings history will not be visible since they are not stored.

CacheFire is freeware and still in Beta.

Note:CacheFire extension installed after installing CacheFire found not compatible with Firefox 3.6.

Download CacheFire 0.9 Beta 1

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