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Opera browser will save the username and passwords you enter while visiting some websites in a encrypted password file called wand.dat.Want to save or recover passwords stored by opera in this file, then  you can use OperaPassView freeware tool which decrypts the wand.dat file contents and allows to copy all or selected passwords to text/html/CSV/XML file from OperaPassView Window.


OperaPassView doesn’t require any installation, download and extract files from OperaPassView Zip file and run OperaPassView executable.OperaPassView automatically locates the wand.dat file for current logged- on user and shows all website passwords stored in that file.User can copy one or more of these passwords  from OperaPassView window by selecting and pasting into text/html/xml/CSV file.

For this tool to work user don’t need to have Opera browser installed in his computer as long as wand.dat file exists.OperaPassView is freeware.Works with windows 2000 to Windows 7/2008

Download OperaPassView

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