private browsing disabled

If you observed stop Private Browsing grayed out in Tools Menu in Firefox, but thinking that you never started Private Browsing session, yet it has been disabled, how this can become possible.

Firstly private browsing feature has been introduced from Firefox 3.5 which does not save any browsing history if user opts for private browsing, however bookmarks made and files downloaded will be kept.In Firefox 3.5 you can even configure options to start Firefox automatically in private browsing mode.


User can enter into Private browsing mode by clicking Start Private Browsing from Tools menu or by selecting Tools>Options>Privacy>History: Firefox will “Never Remember History”.

If you observed grayed stop private browsing under Tools menu means, you are running Firefox in Private Browsing session automatically each time it starts.Now click Tools>Options>Privacy> History  Firefox will: Use custom settings for history and uncheck  automatically start Firefox  in a private browsing session.Click OK to save changes.

custom settings for history

start private browsing

Now you can able to observe start private browsing under Tools menu clearly.

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