Disabling some services and applying registry tweaks does optimize Windows 7 performance, but user has to do it manually and it may take longer time than expected to apply these tweaks.What about novice users how they edit registry and apply tweaks to Windows 7? SetteMaxer for Windows 7 tweaks and Optimizes Windows 7.

SetteMaxer for Windows 7

SetteMaxer Features:

  • Optimizes Menu show Delay.
  • Optimizes Wait to kill services.
  • Optimizes wait to kill applications Timeout.
  • Optimizes Applications response Timeout.
  • Optimizes low level hooks Timeout.
  • Enables Auto end tasks.
  • Enables Desktop Composition.
  • Disables Auto Reboot on crash.
  • Disables Task Scheduler.
  • Disables Remote Registry Access.
  • Disables Windows Defender.
  • Disables User Access Control.
  • Enables Sidebar when UAC is disabled.

User need to run this tool as Administrator.After running this tool, it shows recommended tweaks to optimize Windows , user just had to click Apply.Advanced users can select and apply more tweaks visible in SetteMaxer for Windows 7 UI.User can revert back to default settings by clicking Restore button in SetteMaxer for Windows 7.

SetteMaxer for Windows 7 is freeware.

Download SetteMaxer for Windows 7

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