Microsoft warned PC users that still using Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) versions will experience bi-hourly shutdowns from March 1st and also they will not able to get Windows updates as their Windows needs to pass Windows Genuine Validation(WGA) test.Microsoft also warns users to move to released versions of Windows 7 to avoid any data loss.

If you are using Windows 7 RC, your PC will experience following .

  • On February 15th, users will receive notification reminding that their PCs will experience bi-hourly shutdowns from March 1st onwards. These auto-shutdowns will be continued through June 1st, 2010.
  • One June 1st 2010, desktop wallpaper will be removed and much familiar, annoying “This copy of Windows is not genuine” warning will be shown at the lower right corner above taskbar.Which means Users not able to get windows updates despite WGA test will fail.
  • Users need to custom install with Official released versions to replace Windows 7 RC installation to move to Windows 7.Users can find help  at the help site created by Microsoft.

Here is Microsoft statement

“To avoid data loss, I suggest making plans to move to released version of Windows 7 before the automatic shutown starts.During these shutdowns your work will not be saved.”

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