Guys here is the bad news if you are using Windows 2000 or XP SP2 or Vista RTM ,your PC will no longer receive security update as Microsoft ending the support for them.Microsoft asking users now either to upgrade to Windows 7 or install  latest service packs for XP SP2 and Vista RTM  PCs using Windows update.

  • If you are using Windows Vista (RTM or SP0) use Windows update to install latest service pack i.e SP2.Support for Windows Vista RTM will end on April 13th, 2010.
  • On July 13th, 2010 all versions of Windows 2000 and Windows XP SP2 will reach end of support.

Options available to these users are

  • Move to Windows 7 or install latest service pack, SP3  for XP.
  • Windows 2000 users need to move to Windows 7.

Your Windows PC can still run then but without security updates.

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