Net Applications released market share stats for January 2010 and Microsoft is thrilled with IE8 gaining most of share with 25.6%.Microsoft claims that IE8 is launched one year ago, it provides protection to users with SmartScreen filter which has blocked over 350 million malware downloads till now.According to Microsoft both IE7 and IE8 till now have blocked over 125 million phishing sites.

Browser Version market share

If we look at Browser versions market share, IE8 stands with 22.37% (excluding compatibility mode),IE6 with 20% and IE7 with 14.53%.

Top browser share Trend

If we look at overall market share for browsers for January 2010

IE – 62.12%

Firefox – 24.43%

Chrome – 5.22%

Safari – 4.53%

Opera – 2.38%

Microsoft on IE6:

Considering recent buzz about Google and others organizations to phase out support to IE 6 and move to updated browsers like IE8,Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft feels that they recommends users to upgrade from IE6 .Technology has been changed the way in 2000 and now in 2010 with social networking sites, RSS feeds and blogs. User’s need more now from browsers and from internet.

Windows 7 Sales contribution to IE8 share

Recent Windows 7 sales also contributed to share of IE8, since IE8 included with in Windows 7 much like IE6 bundled with Windows XP.As more people upgrade to Windows 7 there will be definite chance IE8 share to go up.IE8 will be the most secured version among all versions of IE.

What do you think of IE8?

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