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It is always recommended to not to install two anti-virus programs in your computer which degrades your PC performance and also makes system unstable.Here Immunet came with some thing new as their Immunet Protect works along with other anti-virus installed in your computer.

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What is Immunet Protect ?what is new in it?

Immunity protect is cloud based Anti-virus software with cutting edge technology works along with any other anti-virus software installed in your computer like Norton, AVG, McAfee and MSE.Immunity protects works on collective intelligence of community of users using their cloud AV.If one threat detected is detected on one computer, all other users using Immunet protect gets protection.

immunet protect UI

Advantage with Immunet protect is if any threat detected, its been passed out to the cloud where Immunity community will be protected.User’s computer is always connected to the Immunet cloud provides real-time protection with up to date detection rates.Immunity Protect also offers FlashScan which scans for threats in running processes and start-up registry keys.

Immunet Protect driven by Immunet community depends on three advanced features to protect user

  • Community based protection
  • Cloud computing
  • Collective intelligence

Immunet Protect is free and still in beta.Immunity Protect works in Windows XP SP2/Vista SP1/7

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